08.01.18_ST_chip_NFCL’azienda franco-italiana STMicroelectronics NV, un colosso nella produzione di componenti elettronici a semiconduttore, ha rilasciato a Ottobre 2017 3 nuovi chip per tag RFID in frequenza NFC.

Questa serie di chip, pensati per essere più prestanti, sicuri e in grado di garantire una migliore user experience sono stati approvati dal NFC Forum e annunciati in data 12 Ottobre 2017 dalla dirigenza di ST attraverso il comunicato presente a questo link.

I chip in questione sono della serie ST25 NFC tag chips e più precisamente sono:

  •  ST25TA, un tag catalogato come NFC Forum type 4;
  •  ST25DV, un tag catalogato come NFC Forum type 5;
  • ST25TV, un tag catalogato come NFC Forum type 5.

Tutti e tre i chip, come detto, hanno passato i test e sono stati accettati dal NFC Forum.

Quì sotto riportiamo il comunicato stampa ufficializzato da ST in data 12 Ottobre 2017.

STMicroelectronics NFC Tags among First to Be Certified for Performance and Interoperability by NFC Forum

ST25 tags feature unique/innovative fast transfer mode while meeting NFC standards 
Geneva / 12 Oct 2017

STMicroelectronics (NYSE: STM) , a global semiconductor leader serving customers across the spectrum of electronics applications, announced the certification of its ST25 Near Field Communication (NFC) tags by the NFC Forum, a key industry and standardization body.

ST’s NFC Forum type 4 Tag IC (ST25TA), the type 5 Dynamic Tag IC (ST25DV), and type 5 Tag IC (ST25TV) are among the industry’s first devices that have successfully passed the certification program, announced by the NFC Forum on September 20. The program assures performance and interoperability of NFC components to ensure “consistent, compelling, and connected user experiences,” according to the industry group.

Previously available only for handsets, tablets, and other NFC Universal devices, the NFC Forum Certification program now provides conformance testing for tags and readers to speed adoption and lower costs. Users – both commercial and consumer – will benefit from features such as direct access to websites, wireless pairing, pre-formatted emails or text messages, data logging, or even firmware updates.

“The universal endorsement of NFC technology by smartphone and other mobile-device manufacturers, together with interoperability certification by the NFC Forum, has started the countdown on what we expect to be an exciting time for the adoption of NFC by consumers and industry,” said Benoit Rodrigues, General Manager of the Memory Division at STMicroelectronics. “Fast certification of the ST25 tags and dynamic tags positions us to speed customers through their design and development while ultimately increasing convenience and efficiency for consumers and businesses.” 

The ST25TA tags support NFC Type 4 enabling use cases such as NFC tag, NFC token, NFC smart poster, and NFC business card (vCard). They offer a 128-bit password protection and includes optional user-programmable CMOS output.

The ST25DV NFC dynamic tags and ST25TV tags support the NFC Type 5 and Industrial ISO 15693 RFID specs. They enable all NFC tag use cases and can also be used for logistics and traceability with long-range HF RFID reader infrastructure. The ST25DV also features an I2C interface, an innovative fast transfer, and can harvest energy from the NFC-enabled device accessing the tag.

More ST25 product variants are currently going through the NFC Forum certification. Talk to your sales representative for more information.

For further information on ST’s NFC/RFID tags and readers please visit www.st.com/st25

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